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Shane was in the Army for 20 years, motivated to join by childhood dreams. As an 18 year old he had always wanted to be a soldier and did not see anything else in his future. Shane wanted to experience the challenge and defend the Australian way of life.

Shane and his wife met before he joined the army. When he joined, she stood by him and followed him around Australia, with their family. After more than six postings during his career from Kapooka to 1/19 Royal NSW regiment, including a deployment into East Timor, the family moved to his final posting in Wagga Wagga.

When Shane came back from deployment things changed - he was not the same man who left Australia.

Shane left the Army due to a family crisis but missed the male companionship and like mindedness, of his army colleagues.

Once he returned to civilian life, Shane tried to work for a supplier to the Australian Defence Force but found the change increasingly difficult and now works for himself.  He has found the last ten years challenging and has struggled with his health and finances.

RSL DefenceCare has been able to assist Shane and his family with financial support and counselling during difficult times. We have assisted by paying utility bills and car expenses when times were tough. We also handled his claim with DVA.

RSL DefenceCare helped out immediately. What I like about their counsellor is that there is nothing too bad or shocking I can discuss with him. I also appreciate that the first thing that RSL DefenceCare do when they speak with my wife is that they ask how she is doing”. 

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