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Neville was an infantry solider in the Australian Army and served multiple tours of duty in Timor between 1998 and 2005. During his time in Timor, Neville helped maintain Australia’s peacekeeping operations.

Like many Australians, Neville joined the army to continue the legacy of a family of Defence Force members and proudly defend our country. During his second tour of duty in Timor, Neville left behind his fiancé and dogs.

Like many veterans, Neville returned home unsure of how to once again settle into civilian life. His struggle with this change took him to some very dark places and ultimately led to him separating from his long term partner. Facing all of these challenges alone, Neville found things unbearable.

RSL DefenceCare helped Neville to adjust to his new life by assisting with emotional support, as well as financial support. Neville’s case worker, Gary, was able to help him get his living situation under control during a very traumatic time. Gary organised applications for housing and successfully placed Neville in his new home. He also organised payment for bond, rent and furniture at a time when dealing with vendors and real estate agents was something Neville did not want to handle. This kind of support was hugely beneficial for Neville as he worked through his own issues. As Neville said, “the assistance provided by Gary meant I was able to focus on myself and my recovery during a very stressful time”.

“Gary, my case worker, was central to my coming through a challenging part of my life and I won’t ever forget that.”

Please give what you can to support veterans like Neville.

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