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As a Naval electronics technician with a wife and three young children, Michael absolutely loved his job. He credits his time in the Australian Defence Force as the best thing he has ever done.

Originally Michael was a cook on a Navy base and he got to know the Navy personnel really well.  It was these personnel who were the ones that encouraged him to join. This alone indicated to Michael what he already had thought about the Navy. It was a family away from home.

Michael was in the Navy for 15 years, before he was medically discharged.  There was a lot of distress and anxiety about his upcoming departure and Michael’s wife was sick with stress and worry. With three young children at home, their concern was around income upon discharge and the loss of their defence support network.

This young veteran and his family came to RSL DefenceCare in 2013, with his final medical approaching. At this point, Michael found himself unemployed and physically unable to find work. RSL DefenceCare were able to help and support him, as well as his family with the changes that they were facing and his departure from the Navy.

RSL DefenceCare’s Claims Advisor was able to assist him with his medical and rehabilitation appointments, as well as work with him on the complexities involved in the processing of his claim.

“It was very difficult adjusting back into civilian life. I still have dreams of being in the military. RSL DefenceCare helped me with a claim for permanent impairment. I want to thank them for all their help and for my Advisor being there whenever I needed her, including on base.”

Please give what you can so veterans like Michael, and their family members are looked after like they deserve to be. 

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