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Hannah’s career in the Royal Australian Navy has led her on many journeys, including a struggle with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD), major Depression and PTSD.  RSL DefenceCare has been able to assist Hannah along the way with support during treatment, as well as helping with her Entitlements’ claim.

Enlisting at the age of 19 to bring together her love of the water and a desire for a medical career, Hannah served for eight years and undertook multiple deployments.

Hannah considers herself fortunate to be posted as a SMNMED on HMAS Sydney. This was an experience of a life time, even though she had to survive on American sweet bread and they ran out of vegemite. 

Being deployed for the second and third times, although fulfilling, were less enjoyable. This led to the beginning of Hannah’s struggle with anxiety and depression.  While serving on various deployments, Hannah left behind both her biological family and Navy Family, who she grew to love as sisters and brothers.

Transition to civilian life has been very positive for Hannah, which she credits primarily to RSL DefenceCare and her wonderful friends, who have supported her.

“At first I had some difficult hurdles however, once RSL DefenceCare Entitlements Advisor Melissa came into my life, everything just fell into place. She helped me with my DVA Claim and with everything I needed to do before my actual discharge date. She constantly checked up on me and gave me supportive and caring advice. I also had a huge roller coaster of emotions while being subject to medication changes; however Melissa was always there to help me put things in perspective.”

The future looks bright for Hannah, who has been nominated by RSL DefenceCare to take another journey…. on the Indian Pacific train, where she will travel from Perth to Sydney. You can follow her journey on RSL DefenceCare’s Facebook page.

Please give what you can so veterans like Hannah, and their family members are looked after like they deserve to be. 

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