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In June 2010 a helicopter crash caused multiple injuries for 2 Commando Sergeant Garry Robinson: a traumatic brain injury, broken ribs, a broken lower spine, dislocated and broken hip, fractured leg and internal bleeding.

When Garry’s wife Katrina heard what had happened, she flew to a military hospital in Germany and knew she need to prepare their three teenage children before he returned home. “I took photos of Garry and showed them to the kids. They coped better than I had expected when Garry returned home for more treatment, but I am sure it was hard for them”.

When the accident occurred, family members, Garry’s mates and the 2 Commando unit pulled together to help out. RSL DefenceCare supported the family by paying for house cleaning services while Katrina focused on helping her husband recover. RSL DefenceCare also arranged for Garry and his son to see a football game together to help them bond and move forward.

“I went to the hospital to be by Garry’s bedside seven days a week for more than two years while Garry was in hospital. I would leave home at 8:00am, stay there all day and left at 8:00pm,” said Katrina.

Due to his badly fractured leg that wasn't healing, Garry had no choice but to have his leg amputated in 2011. His injuries brought on bouts of anger and depression. Garry is now back at home and undertakes rehabilitation three days a week.

“Garry is much better now. He is walking independently and can do things by himself now and has his own confidence.

"What RSL DefenceCare did for us just made things much easier – it was a load off our shoulders. Thank you for the help and support and helping us though the tough times.” says Katrina.

Please give what you can so veterans, like Garry, and their family members are looked after like they deserve to be. 

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