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At 24, Emily was medically discharged from the Navy following persistent hip and back pain that resulted from her role as a medic.

Whilst the claims process is still underway, Emily is happy to tell her story.

RSL DefenceCare were really good, they explained every stage of the claim’s process. From the beginning through until the end, I always had support step by step. The forms and the processes involved would have been difficult to do on my own.”

Emily was 18 when she joined the Royal Australian Navy, only six months after completing high school.
Deployment for Emily meant travelling to developing nations such as Western Samoa and Tonga, after the tragic 2009 earthquake and tsunami  which caused substantial damage and loss of life.

Emily and her colleagues were able to assist the local community nurse in establishing mobile health clinics after the destruction of the Samoan hospital. They frequently travelled into the hills in both countries, as the community moved away from the water’s edge out of fear for future tsunamis.  They also were involved in handing out emergency food supplies.

Emily experienced injury and pain at various stages throughout her career as a result of heavy training and carrying significant loads. She also suffered a severe fall on stairs on a ship.

Throughout her six years of service, Emily became removed from her friends and family. She missed the birth of her nephew and being around her godchildren, who were infants at the time. It is only now after she has left the Navy that Emily has been able to reach out and connect with friends and family again.

Adjusting back to civilian life has been difficult but she is looking forward to the challenges ahead with the hope of becoming a community nurse.

“I joined the Navy hoping for adventure and travel.  I made many great friends and wouldn’t change it for the world. Thank you RSL DefenceCare for helping me through a difficult time.” 

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