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As a father David would do anything to support his son, one of his three children.

His son struggles regularly with his mental health, which can also at times be a battle for David, his father and carer. At the time we met David, his son was in danger of losing a limb to a terrible infection. He was unable to continue living outside of hospital walls to battle this illness.

David’s son spent seven long weeks in Intensive Care fighting his infection. As a pensioner, David found travelling long distances every day to support and care for his son was incredibly difficult emotionally, physically and financially.

Having served 17 years in the Australian Army as a reservist, David has many memories of his time in service and the sacrifices he made in his life to be a part of it. He is one of many Australians who are ready to step up to any challenge – if and when the country needs.

Through the help David received from RSL DefenceCare he was able to support his son in hospital. His son is now living independently and managing his mental illness.

“I sincerely thank you for organising all the help for me, through RSL DefenceCare, while my son was in ICU - I could not have regularly visited him and helped him without this help. I am pleased to say that he is now out of danger and on the mend.”

Please give what you can so veterans like David, and their family members are looked after like they deserve to be. 

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