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David joined the Australian Army when he was 16 and served his country for 10 years. He loved serving his country, but had to leave due to a motorcycle accident.

When we first met David, he was diagnosed with melanoma and it had progressed to his brain. He was living with his young family in a granny flat without proper cooking facilities and no couch or soft chairs.

RSL DefenceCare purchased an oven and a powerlift recliner so David could rest comfortably when he was not at hospital. We also paid for medication and at David’s request, arranged for a solicitor to visit him and prepare his will while he could still talk reasonably clearly.

Sadly David passed away at 50, eight months after discovering he had cancer.

RSL DefenceCare contributed to the cost of David’s funeral and arranged accommodation for his mother Barbara and his brother when they travelled from Lismore to attend the funeral and say goodbye for the last time.

RSL DefenceCare also helped lodge a claim with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

“The first three months after David died were hard for me. All I did was cry.  I cannot get over the help RSL DefenceCare gave me because I did not know where to turn,” said Barbara, a pensioner and carer for her son who has a disability.

“They were so fantastic. I have never asked for anything in my life and to have complete strangers calling me and asking if I was OK and if they could help, was just wonderful.”
After living through the tragedy of losing her son, Barbara is remaining positive. “I take it a day at a time and it gets better. David was a happy man who was a worker, enjoyed his life and loved his daughters. I could also never forget the silly grin he always had on his face….”

Please give what you can so veterans like David, and their family members are looked after like they deserve to be. 

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