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Craig was a soldier in the Army, serving in both East Timor and Iraq on deployment. He was a member of the Australian Army for over 7 years, so was his family. Craig is also a father to his three sons and a husband to wife Nicole.

It was after the discharge that Craig first began to experience post-traumatic stress (PTS) and began to spiral out of control.  He was unable to put into words what he had experienced during his time away from home. It has also meant that he is different in the ways he interacted with his children and wife. Within three months of discharging from the Army, the family moved back to their home on the North Coast of New South Wales.

Financial hardship and Craig’s loss of primary income meant that every day bills took a back seat. Getting to and from appointments was difficult; the costs associated with transport causing great distress.

Craig’s PTS, has had a huge impact on the family. He cannot work and his wife is the primary income earner, working full time. Sometimes he is unable to sleep during the night and on other occasions he sleeps for more than one day.

PTS can be an unpredictable mental disorder, both for the person suffering with it, as well as those who support and love them.

After a round of visiting various medical practitioners and experiencing periods of inability to work full time, Craig’s wife knew it was time to seek specialised assistance. Nicole credits RSL DefenceCare with assisting her husband and their family.

RSL DefenceCare recommended Craig and Nicole seek help from a financial counsellor to better manage their change in income. RSL DefenceCare has also been able to provide counselling for both Craig and Nicole.

“Words couldn’t express what we would like to say. RSL DefenceCare saved us from financial ruin and saved our lives from falling apart. Thank you isn’t enough.”

Please give what you can so veterans like Craig, and their family members are looked after like they deserve to be. 

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