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Agnes enlisted with the Army at the age of 23 following in her brother's footsteps. She served with the Royal Australian Corp of Transport for six years, and during her service she was deployed to East Timor and the Middle East. These experiences will stay with her forever.

The Australian Defence Force was a huge learning curve for Agnes, and she is proud to have served her country alongside some amazing people. Agnes met her best friend, Tara while at Kapooka during basic training and her partner, Ian during her deployment to the Middle East.

After basic training and initial training she was posted to the 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (3 RAR) at Holsworthy. During this time, Agnes lived close to family and friends and experienced a different part of the Army.

During her first year at 3 RAR she had her right humorous broken during a training exercise, playing the enemy. This was devastating, as it was her dominant arm and she was unable to pursue her goal of getting Parachute Wings, let alone maintain her fitness level. She went through months of rehabilitation as well as surgery, and a year later deployed to East Timor.

During her posting to the 3rd Combat Service Support Battalion (3CSSB) in Townsville, Agnes suffered several injuries, however was determined to make a speedy recovery and return to work. She was selected to deploy again, this time to the Middle East. After returning from eight months overseas she decided that it was time for the next chapter in her life and discharged in 2013.

When Agnes sought help from RSL DefenceCare for her claim, she realised that she was having difficulty transitioning back to civilian life. It took her longer than expected to find work, she was feeling stressed, helpless and frustrated and had lost her sense of belonging. She also found it difficult to reconnect with friends and family and it was a struggle to keep positive.

With support from her partner and family, Agnes is now coping better and readjusting to civilian life.

"Thankyou would be an understatement! The help and support I have received from RSL DefenceCare has gone way above any expectations I ever had. They provided exceptional help with my claims and resources that I would not have known about.

"Thanks to RSL DefenceCare, I was able to receive financial assistance for much needed medical treatments and am about to travel to London to participate in the Invictus Games. I am extremely appreciative for all the help and guidance from my Entitlements Advisor, as well as her persistence. She has gone above and beyond and I found it extremely easy to confide in her as she made me feel comfortable and I felt like she genuinely wanted to help.”

Please give what you can so veterans, like Agnes, and their family members are looked after like they deserve to be. 

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