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Adrian was in the Air Force for 22 years; it offered him the opportunity to do something mechanical, security and travel.

The recruiter that came to his high school was an Airframe fitter by trade and Adrian joined up a year after high school and followed in his footsteps, also becoming an Airframe fitter.

With many deployments away with operational squadrons, it was quite difficult on Adrian’s family.

Adrian was proud to be in the Defence Force. He obtained great skills, met excellent people and saw fantastic sights that civilians will never see. Not only did he love his job, but he didn’t mind the military aspect either.

His also still loves fixing all things mechanical, even today.

Transitioning back to civilian life was difficult and he was unaware of many of the civilian ways of life that others take for granted.

When he started work, Adrian would show up on time, clean, shaven and ready to work and he couldn’t grasp that others didn’t care if they were 10 minutes late or told several times to meet a deadline.

The biggest adjustment for Adrian was the feeling like he’d been cut off from the herd. Having been deployed away with the same group a lot, they got to know each other very well. They ate, worked, travelled, drank, bunked and lived together for weeks at a time. Suddenly there was none of this and while his civilian co-workers were nice, it wasn’t the same.

“After discharging I began work and three years later I needed my right hip replaced three times with five major operations, all due to a service related injury.

RSL DefenceCare helped my wife get through the DVA process so that our home was ready for me. While recuperating I was also made redundant. I had a mortgage, a car loan, a wife, two kids and a dog to support and no money.

“In the meantime, my daughter was offered a place in a primary special Opportunity Class offered by the state government for bright students. We were so excited that she did so well with her studies. The down side was she needed to change schools, so she needed a new school uniform and an iPad.

“Obviously we wanted her to go and would hate for her to be denied because of money. RSL DefenceCare assisted us to get her the iPad she needed as well as most of her school uniform. This gave her a fair start with the other kids and she’s doing very well in this class too. I have no doubt whatsoever that she will be able to go on and do great things with her education.

RSL DefenceCare helped us out at probably the lowest point in our lives to save our daughter’s chance at top level schooling. When you have no prospects for a job and a mountain of bills piling up, watching a chance like this slip through your fingers gives you a sick feeling. That was lifted off us and we are so grateful for that.”

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