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Mollie Gray

Mollie Gray enlisted into the Australian Army in 2008 at the age of 18 under the Gap Year program. At the end of her one year tenure, she signed up full-time and is now a Corporal. 

In 2012 she was deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan with the Artillery Mobile Training Team for six months in a 26-man team as their administration support, after which she took a break.

Her first attempt of rugby union was in high school but didn't go very well, feeling she was better suited to swimming. In 2009, she stumbled across rugby again whilst posted to Darwin, and began training with the Brigade team.

Although initially she couldn't catch, couldn't pass and had no clue what she was doing, a few weeks later it all came together and her first game of rugby was a success. 

Since 2009 Mollie has played for the Australian Army Rugby Team and has played for the Australian Services Rugby Team since 2011. 

In late 2013 she attended the National Women’s Rugby Competition in Sydney and was picked for the Australian 15's team, the Wallaroos. Mollie attended a 40-woman camp in early 2014 and was lucky enough to make the cut for the team of 26 that travelled to NZ for the mid-2014 Tri-Nations Series against NZ and Canada. 

In August 2014, Mollie travelled to France for the Women's Rugby World Cup, running on as the Number 8. They finished 7th in the World Cup but due to a knee injury, Mollies’s World Cup finished one game early. 

Surgery, rehabilitation and recovery followed and in December 2014, she signed a contract with the Australian Women’s Sevens Team and became a professional rugby player. Mollie now trains full time at the Sydney Institute of Sport in Narrabeen, NSW. She made her debut with the Sevens at the 2015 Pacific Games in Papua New Guinea where the team came second to Fiji. 

The Australian Women’s Sevens team has recently qualified for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Mollie hopes to make the team and travel to Rio and compete for the gold medal.

Whilst still in the Army and currently serving as an Elite Athlete, Mollie can train full-time with the Australian Sevens and focus solely on rugby for the next few years. 

RSL DefenceCare offers support and compassion for members when it's needed most. Often the problems encountered by serving and ex-serving members are unforeseeable and I'm proud to be a part of an organisation that dedicates their resources to assisting those in need,” said Mollie Gray, RSL DefenceCare Ambassador.

“We are proud to have Mollie as our first female Ambassador with military service,” said Robyn Collins, General Manager, RSL DefenceCare. “Mollie’s positive attitude and determination to reach the elite level of her support is inspiring. She also understands the challenges encountered by many who have served and we are grateful for her support.”