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Erin Molan


Erin Molan is a sports reporter and presenter for the Nine Network who appears weekly on The Footy Show and The Sunday Footy Show, she also reports for Nine News.
Erin’s career of almost six years, as a reporter has spanned across television, radio and print, with a sports focus, specifically rugby league.

As a strong female icon within Australian sports culture, Erin’s interests across politics, fashion and foreign affairs reflect in part, her childhood in Indonesia. Raised in Jakarta, Erin attending 16 schools, due to the career of her now retired father Major-General Jim Molan.

Major-General Jim Molan served as the Army Attaché in Jrakarta as a Colonel between 1992 and 1994. Between 1998-99, he was the Defence Attaché in Jakarta as a Brigadier and served in East Timor. In April 2004, he deployed for a year to Iraq. He was despatched to serve as the Chief of Operations for the new Headquarters Multinational Force in Iraq, which was being planned. He was eventually made Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, and served during continuous and intense combat operations.

Erin understands the sacrifices that the Australian Defence Force Members make, along with those of their families, which is why she is delighted to support RSL DefenceCare as their first female Ambassador. She is representative of the thousands of military families across Australia, both full-time and reservist who move from post to post, where required to serve their country taking their families with them.

“Growing up with a Dad in the army was an amazing experience but I was one of the lucky ones. Things can go horribly wrong and this is why it is so important to have an organisation like RSL DefenceCare. I'm honoured to represent and support this incredible organisation and the wonderful work it does.”

RSL DefenceCare is proud to have Erin Molan as an Ambassador, providing a strong female identity whose intrinsic link with the Australian Defence Force community, gives her deeper understanding of RSL DefenceCare and the services we provide to the ADF community.

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